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by Igal Benhamou |

BOL CBD Meditation x Yamashiro #1

It was last Sunday, January 27th at Yamashiro Hollywood, Life as a party was in charge of the silent launch of BOL CBD Meditation CBD product line.
Starting with a CBD tea tasting, our beautiful guests sat by the pool for a guided meditation lead by the amazing Bryan Ellis • Teacher of breath with Evan Hatfield • Sitar Master, Lauren Waggoner • Sound Healer, Charmaine Hamp • Life Coach and Sunny Quetzalcoatl • Toltec Healer by his side.
This was an opportunity to focus on wellness, health and consciousness through an elevated experience.
Our guests were carried away by sensorial activations to a spiritual retreat. The festival-like event had different pop ups, such as a Tarot reader, crystals, sage, tribal markers, unique covers and of course the experience of BOL CBD products.
It is important for us to put together events that resembled the brand's vibe and intent.
Experiences are what make us remember a brand. Relive our gorgeous day thru these pictures.
Always live Life, As a party! Eleonore and Jenny
Photography: @Angieamz