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There’s a famous business phrase: ‘Work smarter, not harder.’

I think that is really what meditation has done for me.

- Marnie  Abramson, CEO

Bring the BOL Experience to your workplace with private meditation classes just for your employees. Our signature BOL Formula will help your employees disconnect from the stress and reconnect with themselves for improved productivity and improved overall health. We can customize any kind of program specifically for your company and your needs.


-Increase Productivity, Creativity and Focus

-Lowered Absentee Rate and Employee Burnout

-Improved Communication

-Less Stress and Anxiety

-More Positive Work Environment

-Boost Emotional Intelligence and Decision Making Skills

-Reduce Healthcare Costs


-BOL Formula Class

-Sound Baths

-Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

-Vedic Meditation


-On-site sessions

-And More…